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Healthy & fresh cuisine
for everyone

Some people say that Mediterranean food is one of the world’s healthiest. Ephesus has been voted by Yelp as top 5 restaurants in Dallas. Travel advisors loves Ephesus as well.

Mediterranean cuisine is fantastic because of its regional variations, its range of ingredients and its flexibility, which is a result of constant influence different nations had on each other. The most raised animals are sheep and goats, due to the fact that most of the terrain in these parts is perfect for these animals. Fish and seafood dishes are also widely spread and very savory. Olive oil is the most popular spice, and grilled meat, falafel, hummus and pita bread are most known it the eastern parts.

The Mediterranean can be divided into three culinary regions: South Europe(Spain France & Italy,) which is best recognizable for its wines and herbs, North Africa(Morocco) which are flavored by spices, and eastern Mediterranean (Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Israel).

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Great Mediterranean food! So authentic! The staff is so warm and welcoming with their Turkish Tea! Amazing bread for their Taziki and Hummus! 
Be sure to make this your new favorite Mediterranean spot!

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